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It was truly inspiring to meet remarkable young gentleman, Jack Berne, when he came with his family to visit our Mosman boutique.

Jack is the clever mind behind @afiverforafarmer - a campaign that has been helping rural communities in need and it all started with the idea that fellow school students could dress up as farmers and donate $5.

Jack had been asked to present at the NSW Clubs and Community Awards with Channel 9's Ben Fordham and was on the search for a sleek suit for this special night. He was styled top-to-toe in our Five Piece Slim Fit Classic Tuxedo Suit, accessorised with embossed patterned diamond bow tie and black patent tuxedo shoes.

We congratulate Jack on his amazing achievements so far and wish him all the best with all his wonderful work!

To find out more or to make a donation to Jack's very worthy cause, visit afiverforafarmer.com.au.